The Transforming Healthcare Consortium’s purpose is to make healthcare work better.

We believe in thinking differently, and challenging status quo thinking for improving healthcare delivery through organizations and their people.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making our services effectively designed with people as active participants, and with desired results that are simple to achieve with sustainable financial models for quality healthcare services.

Every member of the Consortium believes that people with passion can change the healthcare world for the better.



The values of the Transforming Healthcare Consortium are:

  • Integrity
  • Balance
  • Patient Care
  • Profitability
  • Employees
  • Innovation



The Transforming Healthcare Consortium’s mission is to deliver solutions for improved care with sustainable financial models. We do this with a number of activities relevant to the situation:

  • Assessments: care and financial models, organizational capabilities
  • Supporting all Stakeholders: to understand each other’s needs and expectations
  • Maps: developed to journey to desired outcomes
  • Consulting: analysis and execution
  • ETC: education, training, and coaching
  • Reviews: follow up and validation reviews



The Transforming Healthcare Consortium’s vision is to be a special forces team for transforming healthcare organizations, when and where others have not. We position ourselves as a leader in comprehensive healthcare consultancy services and will be recognized for the beliefs and passion of its people in providing quality strategic advisory services.   This includes:

  • A culture passionate about integrity, beliefs, and balance
  • Creation by domain leaders with proven track records
  • Providing the healthcare market with the next generation of consulting services